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Achieve Sustainable Growth with Greater Ease

Business consulting and coaching to ensure you enjoy year-over-year revenue growth and a culture where people do their best work.

Lead wisely

Increase efficiency

Scale results

Running and scaling a business is not for the faint of heart.

Achieving year-over-year revenue growth takes a ton of energy.  At times, it can feel unsustainable.

What if …

  • There was more time to refine your vision & set goals for the future?
  • A repeatable mission drove your team and everyone knew their role in it?
  • You traded daily issue resolution for team empowerment?
  • Your marketing was simple to share and understand?
  • More customers saw YOUR products as the solution to their problem?

Achieving year-over-year growth would be energizing! Coaching support will help you see and forever solve energy-draining issues so you can grow with excitement and confidence.

Move forward with clarity

Empower your team

Define your purpose, mission, and guiding principles.

Grow Steadily

Learn a system to plan well, keep score, and crush goals.

Rise Above the Noise

Stand out in a crowded marketplace and fill your pipeline.

There’s one thing harder than hitting a revenue goal.

Exceeding it next year!

Delivering year-over-year results as a business developer, product developer, and retail buyer for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses taught me that great performance only sets the bar higher.

Leaders who cast a clear vision for success and use a simple system to track and maintain progress empower people to succeed, stress less, and achieve more with greater ease.  Most importantly, they don’t go it alone. They seek coaches, mentors, and peers to provide perspective and solve issues.

I created Hollinger & Co. to help ambitious leaders sustain growth and stay energized through the challenges of a rapidly changing business landscape using time-tested business frameworks, trust-building tools, and a coaching approach consisting of thought-provoking questions, and actionable feedback guaranteed to empower leaders to stress less and enjoy the challenges of growth more.

Ready to grow with greater clarity and a little less grit?

How we make that happen

1:1 Coaching

Spend intentional time unpacking your greatest challenges and building custom solutions to help you and your team see greater results.

Group Coaching

Gather with like-minded leaders to learn together and implement proven frameworks to grow sustainably.


Half or full day workshops designed to help you and your team build new skills to scale with ease.

Monthly Retainers

Consistent coaching and guidance designed to help you take a deeper dive into unlocking growth.

How it works

Schedule a Consultation

Set up a 30 minute free consultation to share your struggles & goals. Together, we will determine the coaching plan that is right for you.

Lead with Confidence

Learn how to resolve issues that drain energy and make getting gains a grind.

Grow with ease

Feel re-energized and empowered to tackle even bigger goals.

Helping Leaders Achieve Results

Lead with Confidence

Leading people can be hard, but building a great culture is important. You want a trusting work environment for yourself and your team. It’s time to leave the echo chamber of your mind and get actionable feedback. You’ve invested a lot in your business and now is the time to get the support you deserve.
FREE Business Assesment

Discover how your business is performing and learn how to fix it.

Receive the gift of feedback. Everyone deserves to know where they are succeeding and what needs work. Take the Free the Business Made Simple Assessment and in just 10 minutes pinpoint where to focus your energy for immediate wins.